Now booking Farmer Figg's Barnyard Science Show - the show designed for fairs and festivals!  This agricultural themed science show is not only fun and educational, but provides wholesome family entertainment for fair free stages and expos.  Watch as Farmer Figg and his side-kick "Moogor" (Igor/Moogor - get it!) perform farm themed science experiments for the enjoyment of the crowds.  Loaded with amazing science, audience participation, and post-show meet & greet - this show is a winner for the fair/festival industry!
Farmer Figg's Barnyard Science is the latest brainchild of nationally touring Strutz Entertainment - a touring duo with over 15 years of family entertainment! Audiences will roll in the fields as they witness the silly antics of thedairy and sunflower seed farmer - Farmer Figg and his successful attempts to produce barnyard themed science experiments for the udder enjoyment of the audience! With the help of his trusted, yet slightly apprehensive lab assistant "Moogor" the cow, they bumble their way through some "dairy" good experiments that will delight kids of all ages! Though this is a comedy show with crazy antics of barnyard proportions, it does introduce basic and entertaining concepts of physics and chemistry that bring education into the picture!!

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